Ava feeds Caprice some tuna and cat treats mixed in with wet food. Caprice expresses a desire for privacy, especially when she’s alone or eating. Ava asks Caprice if she found something, to which Caprice responds affirmatively, mentioning that she found some bedbugs.
Ava moves Caprice’s food, which leads to Caprice laughing evilly.
Ava points out that Caprice is one of the few cats that have caught cockroaches and bedbugs but has yet to catch a mouse.
Caprice reveals that she did catch a baby mouse when she was a kitten.
Ella agrees with Ava’s assertion that Caprice will eventually catch a mouse, they just don’t know when yet.
Ava mentions that it’s near the end of spring break at Purdue University Fort Wayne and while things may seem okay, they are not quite at that level yet.
Caprice meows faintly and moans in relief, asking Ava if she’s forgetting something. Ava stammers, admitting that she almost forgot something.

She also reveals to Ava and Ella that Breeanna is six weeks pregnant. This will be Breeanna’s third child, but Ava’s ninth.
Ava expresses concern about the challenges she already faces with Sierra and Lyssa, and fears that they are heading towards a disaster.
Caprice growls, which Ava points out happens every time she gives Caprice treats. Ava reminds Caprice and Ella that they need to behave when they receive treats and can’t act like snobby and spoiled.
Caprice acknowledges Ava’s words, but growls again, mentioning that she is a cat that has attacked an exterminator and two maintenance guys, and hissed at them. She notes that while Ella typically barks and growls, she doesn’t show her teeth that she is ready to fight a lot.
Ava mentions showing clips from “Court Cam”.

Caprice expresses frustration and threatens to kick over the camera if Ava doesn’t put her down. Ava tells Caprice to stop being difficult and agrees to put her down.
Ava sighs and talks about the daily challenges she faces. She mentions that there are certain things she will not tolerate.
Ava explains that she showed three clips from “Court Cam” featuring an angry judge in West Virginia, a pissed-off judge in Florida, and an irritated judge from Michigan, which are similar to what she deals with.
Ava emphasizes the importance of ensuring things are done properly within her boundaries and preferably in a way she is comfortable with. She mentions that some people don’t respect that.
Ava reveals that on two occasions, she had to give a lifetime banishment to someone because they didn’t want to play by her rules. She warns that if she tells someone to back off and they don’t, all hell will break loose.

Breeanna watches the 1993 made-for-TV movie “A Mother’s Revenge”, of which we see the defense argues that a woman with a normal childhood and no history of mental problems forgot she had a loaded gun in her purse and was insane for only a minute, during which she did something she now admits she very badly wanted to do – kill a man she hated with every fiber of her being.
Sierra and Lyssa react to the movie, with Lyssa swearing. Breeanna reprimands Lyssa for her language, to which Lyssa responds that Caprice does it all the time with Ava. Sierra mentions pulling the Caprice’s tail while watching “Phineas and Ferb”, which leads to Breeanna scolding both of them.
Caprice laughs evilly and announces that she’s up where Lyssa and Sierra can’t play with her tail. She then interacts with Ava, joking that she thought Ava was making out with Breeanna. Ava corrects her, saying she was in her office.
Ava confronts Caprice about teaching Sierra and Lyssa to swear. Caprice admits to it and sighs. Ella also admits to it, saying they both cuss all the time. Ava emphasizes that they shouldn’t do it when Sierra and Lyssa are around and certainly not in their presence.
Caprice takes responsibility for influencing Sierra or Lyssa to swear. Ava reacts to whatever Caprice did, saying she’d be wetting herself too. Caprice agrees, laughing and swearing.

Ava warns Caprice to watch her language, reminding her that she’s already in minor trouble for teaching Sierra and Lyssa to swear.
Caprice acknowledges this, stating that it was bound to happen sooner or later. She takes full responsibility for it, adding that Ella is also responsible.

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