The ninth part of the third Caprice & Ella miniseries begins as Ava has taken care of the bed bug problems and all is well; but also discovers Ava has to go through a massive amount of red tape by others.

Karly (Karly Jameson) takes Ava to lunch at the Breakfast Clubb (ex-Cosmos) on Saint Joe Center Road.
At the diner, Ava enjoyed the Grilled Cheese Sandwich (with a tomato, onion, lettuce), French Fries, and Diet Mountain Dew.
The scene cuts to another Crystal Gayle archive footage (a la Conway Twitty scene from “The Family Guy”)
Ava has a taste of the deja vus as the scene flashes back to a similar scene from “Breaking Boiling Point.”
Ava had to give up a day of classes at Purdue Fort Wayne to what could eventually be the first step on home ownership in the event should her application to Preston Pointe at the Inverness be denied.
Also, Ava saw Tuxedo Kitty (Grey) for the first time since October 31, 2022, and she is hanging out at McCormick Place.
At the Fort Wayne Housing Authority Homeownership Program session.
There are also scenes from other social media cats such as Puma and Nika as well as Tom & Jerry.
However, after the meeting ends, Ava realizes that someone Ava worked with at Affordable Housing Corporation in Marion flagrantly lied to Ava and had known sooner, things would have been done differently. In response, Ava spits (or “hawk a loogie”) twice towards the camera during filming and has been doing so off camera while in her current neighborhood after neighbors have shown Ava disrespect and Ava making sure they will pay for it.
The following day (March 21, 2024) proved to be a day that now lives in infamy. After learning about a delay, Ava finally snaps and bursts outside and says she (as well as George) is done saving the complex from itself. Ava starts a drinking binge and drinks heavily (reveled to be 150 drinks over a 3-day period).
Ava is in a critical moment as she is preparing for what is next.
Afterwards, Caprice and Ella are left in their pet crate and…
Will it be a smooth bedbug inspection, or did Caprice and Ella miss a live bedbug?
Will Caprice attack by clawing, biting, yowling, and hissing and/or Ella bite at the maintenance person and/or exterminator? Caprice’s diary entry reveals the answer.
It is revealed that Rachelle, a security guard of Ava’s since 2009, passed away from the injuries she sustained from the fall and Rachelle’s wife, Kira, is notified.
When Ava realizes that a bedbug treatment has cut into funds Ava had earmarked for the pet security deposit at Preston Pointe at the Inverness and now Ava’s tenancy upon her relocation from Golfview Apartments to Preston Pointe now in jeopardy, she angrily storms out of her home for a confrontation. Now thoroughly enraged, Ava kicks her way across two parking lots and proceeds to kick someone in the posterior out of anger.
The episode ends as Ava parodies the #HappyGilmore fight scene between Adam Sandler and the late Bob Barker followed by the cliffhanger ending is a tribute to part one of the “Star Trek: The Next Generation” two-parter “The Best of Both Worlds” with similar cliffhanger music and “To Be Continued…” title cards.

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