The episode starts with Ava expressing frustration and attending her first class of the day. She mentions that she has been going gray for the last several years, indicating some level of stress or aging.
There are several inaudible and distorted audio sections, suggesting that some events or conversations are not fully disclosed.
Ava is seen attending her last class of the day and talks about completing an assignment that was due in a few minutes. She mentions that she turned in the assignment about 15 hours ago, around 1:30 in the morning, highlighting the pressure she is under.
George appears briefly, indicating that he will let Ava know something when she gets back.
Towards the end of the episode, Ava communicates with someone named Ella via a security camera. Ella indicates that something bad has happened and Ava promises to deal with it as soon as she gets home.

Ava expresses a sense of urgency, indicating that it’s “now or never”. She seems to be facing a situation that requires immediate attention.
George informs Ava that it’s an “all hands-on deck” situation, implying that it’s a critical situation that requires everyone’s effort.
Ava mentions inspections, suggesting that there might be some form of evaluation or scrutiny involved.
Ava, George, Caprice, and Ella all acknowledge the severity of the situation, with phrases like “this is not good” and “it’s a do or die situation”.
Ava seems to be under a lot of pressure, but she expresses confidence that she can handle the situation based on her past experiences.
Ella expresses concern about Ava’s situation and the sacrifices she’s making. Ava asks Ella to watch her language, indicating that there might be children present.
Ava reveals that she has a lot on her plate and is losing sleep over it. She mentions a deadline (Thursday) and the possibility of becoming homeless if she doesn’t handle the situation well. However, she also mentions that Purdue Fort Wayne would be happy, suggesting that there might be some benefit or positive outcome for them.

Ava expresses that she has to make a choice that is essentially putting her life on the line, indicating a significant decision related to her livelihood.
She mentions that her blood sugar went go up and her stress hives returned, suggesting that the situation is causing her physical stress.
Ava talks about having a lot on her plate and tasks that need to be done by certain days. If she doesn’t complete them, she implies that she’s “done” or “history”, indicating the high stakes of her situation.
Caprice, another character, asks Ava about her problem. Ava confirms that she is dealing with a lot right now.
Ava and Caprice have a conversation where Ava wants Caprice to be a “good kitty”, suggesting that Caprice might be a pet or a character with a pet-like demeanor.
The episode ends with the song “Illegal Alien” by Genesis playing, which might set the mood or theme for the next episode.

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