We are posting the 15-part miniseries ”Breaking Boiling Point” which is a little bit different than other episodes.

The entire miniseries will be posted as a playlist in addition to 15 separate videos. This is a follow-up to “Lapsed Lease” (OAD: September 2-4, 2021).

Uncensored/Unedited version
Censored/Clean version

The entire miniseries will last from January 12, 2023 until January 29, 2023.


When Ava gets a 90-day notice of her lease at Black Pine Flats (formerly Brendonwood Park Apartments) is not being renewed due to the new owner’s decision to no longer accepting Housing Choice Vouchers, Ava immediately takes action and soon finds and applies to Golfview Apartments, which not only accepts Housing Choice Vouchers, but also allows pets and meets the needs of Ava, Caprice, and Ella (or so Ava thought in subsequent episodes). However, Ava soon discovers there is not only a wait list, but she also goes to extremes to get help with the impending move and must find a way to hold on to hope and do it without any disruptions.

On learning about losing the place they’ve called Black Pine Flats (the former Brendonwood Park Apartments) home, Caprice and Ella becomes violent with Caprice hissing at the rude property manager an astonishing 567 times with her tail puffed 20 times and Ella growling/barking 110 times, yet do not attack the property manager whom Caprice thinks is responsible for this decision.

Throughout the miniseries, Ava tries to obtain $2,600 (later $3,100) to cover first month rent (as she believes the Housing Choice Voucher will not allow overlapping subsidy), security deposit, pet deposit for Caprice and Ella, and moving costs. Due to only having only $600 for just the pet deposit, Ava tries to obtain the needed funds by applying for assistance from BrightPoint, Wayne Township Trustee, and IvyCares via IvyTech Fort Wayne. The funds do eventually arrive, yet Ava is irritated at the fact she had to wait almost three months to get those funds but not before Caprice and Ella do some serious overall damage.

Also realizing everything Caprice and Ella has been through and knowing any reprimands/disciplinary actions will not make what Caprice, Ella, and Ava had gone through (particularly Caprice’s 44-hour ordeal) or Ava’s actions before, during, and after the move go away.

The miniseries ends with at least Caprice and Ella fully settled in at Golfview, albeit with Ava suffering injuries after a brutal, expensive (in the process becoming the most expensive after Ava’s November 1983 move from Chicago to Mill Township, Indiana, which at the time was $1,500 ($4,433 in 2022 dollars)), and dangerous move. It is revealed by Rachael Passalt that Ava spent five months and $5,000 on the move. Instead of the usual end credits, the end credits in part 15 parodies those of the series finale of the original run of Magnum, P.I. After the end credits, the Johnny Mathis performance of “Once Before I Go” is featured in a montage dedicated to Ragdoll Kitty and Grey Poupon, and after the tribute and producer’s sounder, the scene cuts to Ava seated, dressed in her street clothes and viewing a computer screen in her living room at Golfview Apartments. She turns, looks at the camera and clicks the remote control after saying “Good night and may Fort Wayne’s Good News Be Yours.” The screen then goes black followed by an 87-second tribute to George Rongos, the founder of George’s International Market and Salsa Grille, which Ava visited in the miniseries, ending the miniseries.

The miniseries’ title refers to the point where the stress of a pet peeve is so high and overwhelming.

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