In the beginning of the episode, Ava reveals a surprising turn of events:
a daughter she believed had died from an opioid overdose is actually alive.
The daughter, named Tabitha, had run away and was found just two hours prior.
This revelation is a significant surprise for Ava.
The scene then transitions to a flashback to May 14, 2018, to provide more context or backstory.

In this flashback scene, Ava is seen in a state of distress and surprise.
She hums to herself and reacts with shock to the news that Elisa (Tiffani’s mother), also Ava’s girlfriend at the time, will be attending Tiffani’s high school graduation.
Ava also expresses frustration and dissatisfaction with the state of her surroundings, indicating that they need some care and attention.
Meanwhile, off-screen, Tiffani reassures Ava that she and her wife, Jenna, who was pregnant with Alisan, will be fine.
Another daughter of Ava’s, Samantha, expresses her happiness and excitement about seeing her father in Fort Wayne, where she and her husband Martin have been living since 2016 after her graduation from Indiana Wesleyan University.
Tabitha, Ava’s daughter, expresses regret that Tiffani and Jenna won’t be joining them yet.
The scene then transitions back to the present day.

Tabitha apologizes to Ava for running away in July 2018, acknowledging it was a mistake and expressing a desire to make things right.
She admits she was scared and confused at the time and needed her father’s help.
Ava acknowledges Tabitha’s feelings and admits she was hard on her, just as Ava was on Samantha and Tiffani before they passed away.
Tabitha learns about the fate of Samantha and Tiffani, and Ava explains that Tabitha’s actions were not about her mother’s death in 2010.
Ava admits she was devastated too and could have been easier on Tabitha.
Tabitha mentions watching Dhar Mann clips on YouTube that resonated with her.
Ava expresses disbelief that the argument that led to Tabitha running away was over something as trivial as household chores, but insists that Tabitha still needs to contribute to the household.
Tabitha points out that at least she didn’t end up like Alyssa Bustamante, a teenager who killed a 9-year-old girl in Missouri.
The scene ends with Ava revealing that Tabitha now has two new half-sisters, Sierra and Lyssa.
This conversation seems to be a significant step towards reconciliation and understanding between Ava and Tabitha.

Tabitha and Ava continue their conversation.
Breeanna, Ava’s wife and Tabitha’s stepmother, is introduced.
Ava and Breeanna remind Tabitha of her extended family, including her nieces, nephew, and half-sisters.
Tabitha acknowledges the age gap between her and her half-sisters and the fact that Ava, Tabitha’s father, is 20 years older than her.
Ava reveals that Tiffani and Samantha, Tabitha’s half-sisters, passed away from the same liver and kidney failure that also took their paternal grandmother (Margaret) in 2002.
Tabitha acknowledges that diabetes runs in the family.
The conversation then shifts to Tabitha’s past opioid addiction, which she overcame.
Ava blames Angie (Tabitha’s mother) for her addiction, especially in the last months of her life.
Tabitha reveals that she was unaware of Angie’s meth addiction and that they did their best to keep the materials out of her reach.
Ava admits that she was considering leaving Angie before she died in 2010.
Ava also reveals that she avoided buying pseudoephedrine nasal decongestants, an ingredient used to make meth, because she feared Angie would steal them, and therefore didn’t buy any more nasal decongestants.
Tabitha realizes that Angie’s death saved Ava from a messy divorce.
Tabitha recalls how her life changed after Angie’s death when she was in the first grade.
Ava remembers the day she got the call that Angie was gone.
Tabitha realizes that Ava settled for less effective nasal decongestants because she feared Angie would steal them.
Ava confirms that these were one of the main ingredients of methamphetamine, the same drug Angie was addicted to.
Ava assures Tabitha that she made sure she did not see Angie doing illegal drugs.
Ava admits that she did everything she could and apologizes to Tabitha for pushing her away six years ago.
She also reveals that she recently had a major cold and hadn’t purchased a effective type of cold medication since 1995 because it contained an ingredient used to make meth.
This was the reason she never really got that type of cold medication.
The scene ends with Ava apologizing to Tabitha, acknowledging that she was wrong to push her away six years ago.
Ava acknowledges her mistakes from the past.
She admits that she was wrong to push Tabitha away six years ago and recognizes that both of them are now paying the price for that decision.
Ava mentions that Tabitha didn’t finish high school and almost ended up like Ava, presumably referring to some negative aspects of her own life.
However, Ava sees a silver lining in the situation, indicating that Tabitha not ending up like her is the good part.
This conversation seems to be a moment of reflection and honesty between Ava and Tabitha, potentially marking a turning point in their relationship between father and daughter.

Afterwards, Ava is in a hurry and has to leave Caprice and Ella, who require her attention, at home.
Ava stammers as she tries to explain her urgency as she is running a little late.
Caprice questions the importance of Ava’s departure, and Ava insists that she must go.
Despite Caprice’s protest, Ava promises to address their needs when she returns.
The tension between Ava and Caprice is palpable, and the background TV adds to the atmosphere.
Meanwhile, Ella remains silent, observing the exchange.
At the dining area in the Walb Student Union of Purdue University Fort Wayne, Ava shares a remarkable revelation amidst the bustling chatter of students.
She recounts the unexpected turn of events involving her daughter, Tabitha.
Previously believed to have succumbed to an opioid overdose in 2018, Tabitha has resurfaced, very much alive.
Ava’s emotions oscillate between shock and disbelief as she narrates how Tabitha reappeared at her doorstep after six years of absence.
The gravity of the situation is palpable, leaving Ava pondering the mysteries of survival and resilience.
Ava sits at an area at Neff Hall, her mind a whirlwind of emotions.
The recent revelation about her daughter, Tabitha, being alive after years of believing otherwise has left her reeling.
Now, at 21 years old, Tabitha has resurfaced, and Ava feels the weight of responsibility.
She’ll need to guide Tabitha through the catching-up process, bridging the gap of six lost years.
Amidst the student chatter, Ava reflects on her meal—a veggie sub wrap, fries, and a Diet Pepsi.
The piano plays softly in the background, a counterpoint to her inner turmoil.
Life’s twists and turns have led her here, and she faces it head-on, even as bed bug fumigation costs and other challenges pile up.
And then, a glimmer of hope: Tabitha’s call, a place to go.
High school awaits Tabitha, an unconventional high school sophomore, while Ava, with determination, aims for her own graduation.

After returning home, Caprice seems to be distracted at first, but then pays attention to Ava.
They both reflect on something that happened, agreeing that it was significant.
Ava mentions she has a lot of work to do in the coming weeks, and there’s a mention of the mayor’s death adding to her responsibilities.
Caprice then asks about a young woman, to which Ava responds that her name is Tabitha, her daughter from Ava’s first marriage with Angie.
Ava insists that Caprice and Ella need to start getting along with Tabitha.
The dialogue ends with Ava playfully interacting with Ella.
Ella expresses her excitement to see Ava and Tabitha. Ava confirms that Tabitha is indeed her daughter from her first marriage and insists that Ella and Caprice be nice to her, just like they are with Lyssa and Sierra. Ava also mentions her first wife, Angie, which neither Ella nor Caprice seem to know about.
Ava, speaking through a security camera, tells the girls that she should be home between 6:00 and 7:00 in the evening.
She mentions that it’s an important week and that they’ll have to adjust to the fact that Tabitha has been found after six years.
Ava reassures Caprice and Ella that everything will be alright.
Ava also mentions that she turned in an assignment late and got penalized by 60%, which Caprice acknowledges.
Towards the end of the dialogue, Ava reveals that Tabitha is picking up where she left off in 2018.
It appears to be a significant time for all involved, with the return of Tabitha and the adjustments that come with it.
Ava provides more context about Tabitha’s situation.
Tabitha had run away after completing her freshman year of high school and will now be attending Homestead High School as a 21-year-old sophomore.
Ava, Caprice, and Ella’s move from Golfview Apartments to the Preston Pointe Apartments at the Inverness is imminent.
Ava reveals that Tabitha’s mother, Angie Nieves, was heavily involved in meth.
Angie was Ava’s first wife, who had gotten off meth before they got married in 2001 but relapsed two months before her death in 2010.
Ava admits to missing the signs of Angie’s relapse.
Tabitha had told Breeanna that Ava made many mistakes in the past, but Breeanna wasn’t one of them, which Ava appreciates.
Ava then addresses Caprice and Ella as “21Alive News at 4” plays in the background, saying it’s been almost a week since Tabitha was found and she has a lot of catching up to do.
Ava is currently attending her last class of the day and plans to spend the day with Tabitha, Caprice, and Ella.
She also mentions a surprise for Caprice’s upcoming birthday party, which Tabitha will be a part of.
Ava reassures herself that things are going to be alright, mentioning that she hasn’t seen a bed bug since March 7, 2024, and that the fumigation/treatment was just a precautionary measure.
She acknowledges that things have gone horribly wrong in the past and that some people have worked against her rather than with her.
Ava attends classes at Purdue Fort Wayne every Monday and Wednesday and has disclosed to the property managers at Golfview Apartments and Preston Pointe at the Inverness that she is a student.
She is feeling relieved that there are a little over three more weeks of the spring semester.
The episode ends with Ava interacting with Caprice and Ella, who are rough playing.
Caprice complains about Ava forgetting her wet food, to which Ava responds that she has some surprises for Caprice’s birthday.

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