In this episode of “Caprice & Ella”, titled “Breaking Boiling Point 3: Stand Against Furious Fear (Part 10)”, the following key events occur:

The episode begins as Ava and Breeanna are in a state of shock and disbelief over some undisclosed information they’ve received.
They express their concern about Sierra and Lyssa, who are at Weasel and Sheena’s home on the northwest side of Fort Wayne.
Ava acknowledges that Breeanna was right to give Tara, the property manager at Golfview, a piece of her vagina.
Caprice is praised for catching bed bugs and cockroaches.
Despite her aggressive behavior (growling, meowing, hissing, clawing, and biting), Caprice is hailed as a hero by Ava.
She feels guilty and believes that the situation is somehow her fault, but Ava reassures her that it’s not.
Ava is frustrated with Brandon Howell, the maintence guy from “Ava’s Got Her Wicked Game On” and “Donna Doogan Presents: After the Cockroach Rush” who has bullied Ava, blaming him for the current situation.
She is upset that it took Brandon nearly a year to admit he was wrong.
Ava also mentions having to make an emergency trip to Kroger to get a money order for bedbug treatment, which was supposed to be saved for an $1100 security deposit and first month’s rent at Preston Pointe at the Inverness.
Caprice is visibly upset and her tail was puffy all day.
She expresses her desire to claw Brandon.
She also acknowledges and it is revealed that Ava hates maintenance guys, repair guys, and pest control guys.

The episode continues with security camera footage, as Ava is seen talking to Caprice and Ella, asking them to give her a few more hours before returning.
She plans to start moving things around, presumably to prepare for the pest control guy’s arrival.
Ava believes that her actions shouldn’t cause too much of a problem for the pest control guy, suggesting that she is trying to make his job easier and/or more effective.
Ava acknowledges that Caprice and Ella have been showing signs of distress (yowling, growling, hissing, barking) and doesn’t blame them for their reactions and expresses her pride in them.
The scene, accompanied by “Theme from Buck Rogers” by Daniel Caine, shifts to Ava moving things around in the bedroom as part of the preparations for the pest control treatment.

Ava takes Caprice and Ella out of the home for bed bug fumigation.
This confirms that the pest control treatment is for a bed bug infestation.
The scene ends with Ava expressing her hope that the pest control treatment will work, showing her determination to resolve the situation.

The next scene begins with the start of the fumigation process.
The person handling the fumigation mentions that it will take about half an hour to get everything done.
The fumigation process is shown, accompanied by music.
Ava checks in via Ring Doorbell, asking if everything is okay inside.
The fumigator advises Ava to wait at least four hours before re-entering the home, and to ensure that everything is dry before sitting on any furniture.
Ava thanks the pest control person and acknowledges the advice.
She expresses her need for luck, indicating the stressful nature of the situation.
The pest control person wishes Ava good luck and ends on a positive note.

Ava expressing her frustration and stress over the situation and admits to snapping due to the stress caused by some people.
However, she also acknowledges three positive outcomes from the situation: (1) Ava didn’t commit suicide; (2) she took control of the situation; and (3) she identified three things that worked to her advantage in Fort Wayne compared to when she lived in Marion in 2017, which were the security cameras captured everything, she had renter’s insurance, and Caprice and Ella were there with her.
Caprice, however, seems confused about Ava’s statements. Ava reassures Caprice and Ella that everything will be alright and mentions a fourth advantage: she came to Fort Wayne in 2018 prepared.

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