This episode seems to revolve around Ava, who is dealing with a lot of stress and problems. She’s back at Purdue University Fort Wayne after spring break and is struggling with her schedule and people who don’t like the way she does things. She’s feeling overwhelmed and doesn’t know how much longer she can last, but she’s determined to keep going for at least another 19 years.

There’s also a conversation between Ava, Caprice, and Ella about what would happen if Ava died. Caprice and Ella discuss the possibility of moving somewhere else, and Ella expresses that she would be sad if Ava died. Caprice also mentions that Breeanna would become a widow and Sierra, Lyssa, and a new kid would be without a father, which would be devastating.

Throughout the episode, there are various background noises and music, including a student playing the piano, indistinct chatter, inaudible dialogue, TV playing in the background, and the song “Taking It All Too Hard” by Genesis. These elements add to the atmosphere and mood of the episode.

The song “Taking It All Too Hard” by Genesis plays, with lyrics that seem to reflect Ava’s struggles and emotional state. The lyrics talk about making the same mistakes, taking things too hard, and feeling confused, which could be related to Ava’s current situation.

Then, the song “Far from Over” by Frank Stallone plays. The lyrics of this song also seem to resonate with Ava’s situation, talking about being down but not over, needing something because they’re running over, and being back in the race and getting closer.

In the dialogue, Ava communicates via a security camera that she’ll be home in about 90 minutes, around 6:00. The episode ends with Ava commenting on how tense the situation was.

She drinks a 24 ounce can of Miller Lite and comments on how it calms down the madness. She talks about her day and how she’s headed home after a long day. She mentions that she’s already had four beers but thinks she’s cool.

Ava arrives home and greets Breeanna, mentioning that she’s home from The Drunken Hoosier and The Broken Boilermaker. She interacts with Ella, who she believes knows that she’s drunk. She also interacts with Caprice, Ella, and Breeanna, slurring her speech and stammering. Sierra asks Ava if she’s going to take something, and Breeanna comments on Ava’s gray hair and how she’s never been so attracted to her.

Caprice doesn’t seem to like Ava’s drunken state and tells her to get away. Ella also comments on how it’s quite obvious that Ava is drunk. The episode ends with inaudible dialogue and Ella exclaiming, “What the f–k?”

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