The episode “Breaking Boiling Point 3: Stand Against Furious Fear (Part 5)” from season 6 of “Caprice & Ella” seems to be a complex one. The episode includes a scene where Ava, Caprice, Ella, and Breeanna are watching a classic episode of “Hunter”. In the “Hunter” episode they watch, Dee Dee McCall discusses her decision not to report a rape attempt, which sparks a conversation among Ava, Caprice, Ella, and Breeanna about the difficulties and potential repercussions of reporting such incidents.

Ava states that in her home she has strong feelings about the issues. Breeanna, who is watching the “Hunter” episode, questions why a clip from “Hunter” is doing on “Caprice & Ella”. Caprice and Ella express their support for Ava’s decision not to report the incident to the leasing office.

Ava reveals that she has taken care of the bed bug problem herself, using a product called “Harris Bed Bug Killer” that she purchased from Connoly’s Do-It Best on Wells Street in Fort Wayne. She sprayed it on the couch and let it dry for a few hours, which she claims effectively killed the bed bugs.

Caprice and Ella express their concerns about the situation, questioning Ava’s actions and the potential repercussions. They are particularly worried about what will happen if the management of Golfview Apartments finds out about the infestation.

Ava reassures them that she knows what she’s doing, referencing a past experience in 2017 when she lived in Marion. She mentions that the situation didn’t work out then, but this time she’s confident that her solution will work. She also mentions that explaining an $80 hardware bill to Breeanna is going to be tough.

The characters are clearly stressed about the situation, but Ava is determined not to let the bed bug problem interrupt their lives. She states that she swore she would not go through this again and is prepared to handle any problems that arise, even if it means potentially having a problem with management.

Ava strongly believes that her actions are justified and that she is not obligated to report the situation to the leasing office. She views her actions as a two-way street, meaning she considers the consequences and impacts of her decisions on others.

Caprice and Ella express their concerns about the situation, but Ava reassures them that she knows what she’s doing. She mentions that she bought a bed bug killer for almost $68 per gallon from a hardware store, which she believes is worth the cost. She sprayed it behind the couch where Caprice and Ella found some bed bugs.

Ava is adamant about handling the situation her way and is prepared to defend her home and her actions. She even goes as far as to say that the only way someone could stop her is with a .357 Magnum bullet, indicating her determination and resolve.

Towards the end of the episode, they switch their attention to the TV where an episode of “Hunter” is playing. In the episode, Rick Hunter is seen arresting someone named Hagley for the murder of Stacey Tyler.

Rick Hunter, a character in the show they’re watching, is seen in a confrontational situation. He taunts an unseen character, saying “Please do something stupid.” This is followed by a man’s scream and the sound of a gunshot, indicating a violent outcome.

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