We are happy to announce of a new cast member is joining Caprice & Ella. Breeanna Sorensen (Vote for the Girls and University of North Carolina) will make her debut with the part 14/conclusion of the miniseries ”Breaking Boiling Point”.

Sorensen joined the cast due to being in a relationship with series creator Ava Zinn. ”I’m excited to be a part of ’Caprice & Ella’ and knowing Ava after my time on ’Vote for the Girls’, I hope that fans get to know me as more since I am also from a state where college basketball is popular,” said Breeanna. ”I think that Caprice and Ella see me more of a mother figure as much as Ava is a father figure to Caprice and Ella. I’m not only looking forward to being a significant other of Ava, but because she’s already a grandfather to Alisan, Michael, and Leah, I might think that maybe one day to think of them as their grandmother.”

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