Right outside Ava’s door, Ava’s security team is patrolling the halls, and one juvenile decides to test Ava while she is away by playing ding-dong ditch and nonetheless caught on camera (though the juvenile did make this Caprice & Ella episode for the wrong reason). Ava returns from Purdue Fort Wayne and the last thing Ava needs is someone or something causing her issues, especially with an upcoming test that she should have studied for but didn’t (and how was Ava supposed to know the material with her busy schedule, family time, and pre-existing obligations–there’s likely no way unless Ava sacrifices sleep).
The episode continues as like what happened in September 2022 while attending IvyTech Fort Wayne, the assignments at Purdue Fort Wayne (particularly a POL 103 Test with a Lockdown Browser and lack of using notes) proved to be costly for Ava as that test as well as assignments in ENG 233, CS 112, and COM 238 were more than Ava could take.
After the POL 103 test/exam, Ava is humiliated and vows to make things right and stop at nothing in order to get at least a 70 percent in her courses at PFW.

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