This letter is in response to viewer reaction to the 15-part miniseries “Breaking Boiling Point” due to the influx of comments and complaints addressed during the production of the miniseries.

Many of you in Fort Wayne, Indiana watched Andy Devine’s WANE-TV report about Housing Choice Voucher rejections at Black Pine Flats and other properties currently owned by CIM Living. Our hearts, thoughts, and prayers go out to those tenants who have had to deal with the similar stress and pressure that Caprice, Ella, and I went through during the production of “Breaking Boiling Point.” Like many Hoosiers and other Americans who are being forced to move during the affordable housing crisis for any reason including the lease not being renewed due to fewer landlords accepting the Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8). Even just as bad—being forced to move while attending college and having a career at the same time. Many of you have praised me while others have criticized me to the point where I was even cyber-bullied and was suspended from the NextDoor app for a time. Over the years, I have seen way too many people who have ended up homeless after being forced to move or even worse, evicted.
Since production of “Breaking Boiling Point” began in May of 2022, I have received numerous comments of what was supposed to be the fact I had planned on filming and producing “Caprice & Ella: The Movie” yet ended up delaying “Caprice & Ella: The Movie” and instead began production and filming “Breaking Boiling Point.” From the perspective of a film/television producer and director as well as a broadcast journalist, I strive to provide balanced coverage as well as hearing both sides to every story and covering every angle of one story. Sometimes, producing and directing any episode of “Caprice & Ella” or any story on, unfortunately, includes uncomfortable subjects and/or comments that are difficult to comprehend, hear, or even make one person angry. While I am a broadcast journalist as well as a producer and director, everyone at Aeverine Zinn Digital Media Group—including Rachael Passalt, Karly Jameson, Malita “Thia” Tola, Kendra Ray, and I as well as my consultants from outside Aeverine Zinn Holdings, which produces “Caprice & Ella” have similar reactions. Oftentimes, situations like those covered in “Breaking Boiling Point” are taken seriously into consideration.

There is a reason why I did the Caprice & Ella 15-part miniseries #BreakingBoilingPoint and produced the miniseries for several reasons:

  1. To give people a look at the other end of the affordable housing crisis of 2022.
  2. Since it is primarily a #CapriceAndElla season 4 episode, you will see them like never before.
  3. Some will criticize me, yet some will also praise me for producing the miniseries and balancing my career (though semi-retired from web-mastering since December 2020 after 21 years), obligations as a student at Ivy Tech Community College Fort Wayne, other commitments and the move.

By presenting “Breaking Boiling Point,” the 15-part miniseries that begins on Sunday, January 15 and ending on Friday, February 3, 2023 spanning 11 hours and will be available on DVD as well as the Caprice & Ella YouTube channel and my YouTube channel, you will be able to get the answers of why would a good tenant lose his or her home despite meeting the obligations of the lease/rental agreement made by the landlord. I produced “Breaking Boiling Point” to give insight into the mind of landlords and tenants involved so there would be come context and exposure for you, the viewer. For some, probably it is a world you are already familiar with while for others it may be something you may not understand at all. Producing “Breaking Boiling Point” as well as balancing the work and obligations as a student at IvyTech Fort Wayne, owner/chief executive officer of a digital media conglomerate, as well as other commitments to my family and friends—past and present. It was extremely difficult for all of us to watch and understand, especially for yours truly, who had spent four and a half months obtaining funds for first month rent ($619), pet rent for Caprice and Ella ($60), pet deposit for Caprice and Ella ($600), security deposit ($929), moving expenses/preparations ($1,622), and the move itself ($920). The move from Black Pine Flats (formerly Brendonwood Park Apartments) to Golfview Apartments (aka Village Green Apartments), which does accept Section 8, ended up totaling $4,750 despite the move being a local Fort Wayne move and this shattered the inflation-adjusted move sat in November 1983 when my mother, brother and I relocated from Chicago to Mill Township/Gas City. The November 1983 move was $1,500 ($4,433 in 2022).

“Breaking Boiling Point” is just a small part of the “Caprice & Ella” episodes that are “a very special episode” like “Breaking Boiling Point.” We will continue to produce episodes of “Caprice & Ella” and we hope you can understand the tough decisions we have to make in doing our jobs/occupations.

Aeverine “Ava” Zinn
Creator and Executive Producer of “Caprice & Ella”
Owner/CEO of Aeverine Zinn Holdings/Aeverine Zinn Digital Media Group

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